The Lokschan Family


The Lokschan Family became connected to The Aufrichtig Family following the marriage of Julie [Jachet] Lokschan to Salomon Z Aufrichtig on 10 April 1843. It is Salomon and Julie whose portraits form the backdrop to the Aufrichtig Alphabetical Names Index and, though the earliest generation captured on camera, they were the second to have been traced back in both families.

The Aufrichtig Family has thus far been traced back to Salomon's father, Zalel Aufrichtig, born in 1773. Julie's family dates back to her fatther ~~~ Lokschan (first name not yet known) born circa 1786, and her mother Ester (last name not known), born in 1788.

Julie's mother is known to have been born in Boskovice, the Moravian town in which the Aufrichtig Family were based for two centuries. It is most likely that Julie was born in Boskovice, too. Like the Aufrichtigs, the Lokschans also subsequently migrated to Vienna, Austria.


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