This page and its featured links is dedicated to the memory of Walter Aufrichtig, born 16 September 1906, murdered 9 September 1942.

Walter Aufrichtig was among a group of  476 Viennese Jews taken to a forced labour camp in Traunkirchen, Austria, on 4 December 1940. The slave camp existed between June 1940 and September 1942,  giving way to the infamous Ebensee concentration camp a few kilometres south. Prisoners at Traunkirchen were forced to build tunnels and dig roads before being deported to extermination camps at Lodz, Kowno (Kaunas/Kauen) and Minsk.



Details of Traunkirchen Camp and its 476 inmates did not come to light until 60 years later, in 2001. The following year, a monument bearing the names of all victims was inaugurated.

Grateful thanks are extended to Dr Wolfgang Quatember of the Concentration Camp Memorial Museum Ebensee for providing camp details and photographs of the unveiling ceremony.

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                       Mahnmal (Memorial) bearing names of victims

                       Commemoration plaque

                                              Unveiling Ceremony attended by Georg Wozasek, President of the Jewish commnity in Linz, with dedication led by Dechant Franz Haidinger



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Walter Aufrichtig - Traunkirchen-3 Denmalenthullung

Walter Aufrichtig - Traunkirchen-4 George E Wozasek

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