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Miraculous is the only word to describe the survival of of the concentration camp by Aufrichtig Family members on this page. Theirs is a story of coincidence, irony and fate.



To the right is a copy of the Index Card indicating transport numbers and the date of Adele's deportation from Theresienstadt to Auschwitz on 04 October 1944.

NB: Adele was sent to Auschwitz from Theresienstadt on the same transport as Alice [Liesel] Frankel, wife of her uncle Otto Aufrichtig [Aurich]. Adele survived, but Alice perished on a subsequent death march.

She was subsequently transported to Flossenburg and then to Mauthausen - miraculously surviving both.

From Out Of Ashes - The Deli Strummer Story

Adele Aufrichtig - Zarhar




Friedrich Aufrichtig (Frederick Austin) was arrested by the Gestapo 6/38-7/38 Gestapohaft and between 10 November 1938 and January 1939 was a prisoner in Dachau. 

At the time of his arrest and imprisonment he and his wife Freda Kohn [Kirchner] were living at Wien 2, Volkertstrasse 19/8 with his parents Karl Aufrichtig and Irma Wodak. [NB: Details confirmed by the DW (DOW centre (Dokumentationsarchiv des ostereicherischen Widerstandes) who also describe his occupation as Handelsagent.]

On learning of this, Friedrich's brother, Robert Aufrichtig, wrote direct to Dachau claiming that he had the requisite permits for him to go to England, thereby securing his release.

Robert Aufrichtig [Austin] Irma Wodak Karl Aufrichtig
Henrietta [Jetti] Edelstein Martha Aufrichtig Freda Kohn [Kirchner]

As well as securing the release from Dachau of his elder brother Friedrich, Robert Aufrichtig was also instrumental in obtaining the necessary visas and documents to bring his family out of Nazi-occuppied Austria to England, thereby ensuring the survival of father Karl Aufrichtig, mother Irma Wodak, wife Henrietta [Jetti] Edelstein, sister Martha Aufrichtig and sister-in-law Freda Kohn [Kirchner], the wife of Friedrich Aufrichtig.

 [Robert Aufrichtig - Dunera Internee]




To the right is a copy of the Index Card indicating transport numbers and the date of Otto's deportation from Theresienstadt to Auschwitz on 29 September 1944. Otto had been sent to Theresienstadt  on 04 September 1944 from Kamp Westerbork in which he had been imprisoned since 1943. He was subsequently sent on to Buchenwald, and amazingly survived. 

Otto at Kamp Westerbork


NB: Otto's wife  had been deported from Theresienstadt to Auschwitz five days after him. She subsequently perished on a death march. Alice had been deported from Theresienstadt to Auschwitz on the same day as Otto's niece, Adele [Deli] Aufrichtig.




Otto Aufrichtig [Aurich] (left) pictured with Anna Maria Turk

 and Rudolf Aufrichtig [1], the parents of Adele Aufrichtig




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