Welcome to The Aufrichtig Family, home page of Aufrichtigs.com, a site developed to preserve the heritage of a line successfully traced to cover eight generations and to establish links with bearers of the Aufrichtig name in all five continents.

In my branch of the family tree we've undergone a name change - from Aufrichtig to Roberts in the 1950s - but the line remains unbroken from my great-great-great-grandfather Zalel Aufrichtig (1773-1849) (no picture available) and his son, Salomon Z Aufrichtig (1813-date unknown) (pictured above second from the left) to my sons Paul and Philip (last two on the right). Pictured between Salomon and the current generation are great grandfather Jakob (1844-1931), grandfather Karl (1878-1939), my father, Robert (1909-1996), brother Charlie (1940-2008), and me, Ronny Roberts (1944- ).

I am indebted to my late brother for the hard work and effort that went into so much of the pre-computer era research. Thanks to his endeavours, we have established the links that enabled us to achieve the near impossible.- to obtain pictures of both paternal great-great-grandparents and copies of documentation surrounding the fate of so many victims of the Holocaust.

Despite the traumas and tragedies that affect many families, there has also been luck and good fortune. Could grandfather Karl's brother, Josef, have envisaged the fabulous legacy he was handing down when, with wife Juliana at the helm, their photography business was responsible for taking countless pictures of the family at the time? Could the wartime regime have been aware that a by-product of the fastidious attention to detail that was part of their operation would be to preserve, forever, documentation of the slaughtered innocents - including copies of the index cards detailing transport into Theresienstadt and onward passage to the death camps.

This site has not been developed to highlight the atrocities. It has, however, in part been designed to serve as a memorial to all departed Aufrichtigs. Its aim is also to encourage Aufrichtigs around the world to make contact and to be included on these pages. Owing to the relative rarity of the family name, my brother and I remain convinced that virtually all Aufrichtigs are somehow related. With this in mind, there will be entries for all bearers of that name and their descendants - where the information has been forthcoming from these families. These will appear under separate groupings, until such time as a positive link between Aufrichtig families is established. There will also be another special section providing links to all Aufrichtig material published on the Net, of which there has been a good supply.

All Aufrichtigs in my line, from Salomon to Karl, were born in Boskovice, a township in Moravia, Czech Republic. If you're an Aufrichtig with proven links to Nuremburg (from where the family was expelled in the Middle Ages) or Moravia, where family links extend to the 1700s, then we're almost certainly somehow connected. And, if in its way, this site helps also preserve the Aufrichtig name of other family units, then it will have succeeded in its aims and intentions.


Thank you for visiting the Aufrichtigs website. You and your feedback matter to us. Please sign our Guestbook and let us know what you think of this site. We would be grateful for any details passed on, whether or not it establishes links between families. We would also be pleased to act as host for the publishing of any Aufrichtig family tree. 

With its fast-growing expansion, our Aufrichtig records  now number more than 2,000. To assist in finding the Aufrichtig of your choice, please use the Google search bar especially programmed for this purpose.


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