The Aufrichtig Family


This page is dedicated to the memories of Karoline Aufrichtig, her husband Max Stein and their sons Sigmund and Bertholt Stein who had fled to Belgium in an attempt to escape from the Nazis. Karoline and Max were captured and deported to Auschwitz on 19 April 1943. Their elder son, 20 years old SIgmund Stein was caught and sent to Auschwitz on 4 October 1943 and younger son Bertholt Stein, 16, suffered a similar fate on 31 October 1943.


Karoline Aufrichtig

Max Stein

Sigmund Stein

Bertholt Stein


A National Memorial Foundation of Jewish Martyrs in Belgium was unveiled on 19 April 1970 by the highest civil, military and religious dignitaries of that country.  It is dedicated to the 50,000,000 people who died in the Second World War, to the 6,000,000 who died because they were Jewish, including the 25,257 Jews and 351 gypsies deported from the Dossin Barracks in Mechelen, Belgium.  Among the names inscribed on the memorial are those of Karoline, Max, Sigmund, Bertholt and Karoline's brother Siegfried Aufrichtig [2].


National Memorial Aux Martyrs Juifs de Belgique


Karoline Aufrichtig and Son listed as Stein K. and Stein B.


Max Stein Memorial

Siegfried Aufrichtig Memorial



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